Black and White Drawings – Ad Illustration

black and white drawings

Continuing with the ad series I worked on for the Swedish Ad Agency called Forsman and Bodenfors, or F&B, here are more of many black and white drawings for various ads promoting the Swedish pension company, AMF.

AMF is one of Sweden’s leading pension companies and one of the largest owners on Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm.

The fourth ad in the series took a musical turn, again utilizing the effective black and white illustrations I’ve come to be known for.

I’m a big music fan, so I had fun drawing these interesting performers— a beautiful and sophisticated concert cellist contrasting the comical one-man band character. As with the first and second ads, the fourth ad conveys the idea that life is much easier to handle when you are with a secure investment partner (AMF).

Here is an initial sketch I drew for the cellist…

Black and White Drawings - Cellist

This was modified somewhat to arrive at the finished illustration:

Black and White Drawings - Hedcut Cellist


Next, the one-man band — quite a character:

Black and White Drawings - One Man Band

Finally, here is the way these carefully crafted b&w illustrations were used in the
finished piece:

Black and White Drawings - Hedcut Musicians

(author’s note: For those of you who are conversant in the Swedish language, this ad was condensed for visual purposes, so the copy will make little sense.)

I hope you enjoyed this black and white ad illustration series as much as I had fun being involved with it.

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