More The Art of Demotivation

The Art of Demotivation
I suppose it was an obvious choice: The parody-masters at Despair, Inc. approached me, the creator of the WSJ hedcut portrait style, to work on their wickedly funny book, “The Art of Demotivation”.

For me, the funniest part of the book is contained in its cover— or, covers, that is. You see, this is a subversive tome, and the publishers wanted to give senior management some subterfuge, in order to keep the workers from getting wise to what they are actually up to. Hence, the “real” book jacket:

The Art of Demotivation | Book Jacket

The genius is what is underneath the real cover… a second, phony book jacket to be used by the boss to camouflage the actual content of the reading material.

The Art of Demotivation | Undercover Book Jacket 1

The Art of Demotivation | Undercover Book Jacket 2

I think this is hilarious, very tongue-in-cheek.

Here are a few more images, with their associated slogans, as they appear in the book…

The Art of Demotivation | Mistakes

Who can argue with this? Sadly, It rings somewhat true… The waves were pretty challenging to capture in this illustration.

The Art of Demotivation | Retierment

Brings me way back to grammar school. I can still taste that yellow paint in my young mouth!

The Art of Demotivation | Delusions

The ocean of reality… funny, sardonic and biting!

It was a lot of fun working on these images, and rewarding to see them in published form. I know this cynical commentary on “Business” isn’t going to advance the evolution of Mankind, especially, but it is a sulfuric little piece of literature.

Next week, The final installment in this series. I hope you will join me then…

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