Graphic Logos for Companies and Brands | Creating Logos, Part 2

Following up on last week’s collection of graphic logos, here are some more logo illustrations I’ve created over the years.

Private Graphic Logos

A private client, whose surname begins with ‘Q’, wanted a personal logo. He wanted his name to be associated with the Quail. (His surname is not Quail, by the way.) I thought this was a pretty straightforward request, and got to work. I found my quail image without much trouble. And I selected a member of the Baskerville font family to come up with my working model:

Q & Quail Ref | Graphic Logos

Q & Quail Reference Image

I did have to play around a bit with the quail’s legs to make it work…

Q & Quail | Private Graphic Logo

Q & quail private graphic logo

My client was very pleased with the result.

Elegant Graphic Logos

A few years ago, a small brewing company needed some packaging illustration done. So they contacted me for these elegant graphic logos:

Cooper & Barrel | Elegant Graphic Logo.

Elegant Cooper & Barrel graphic logo.

Elegant Barrel | Graphic Logo

Elegant Barrel Graphic Logo

These were fun to draw. And they were an interesting departure from my usual WSJ hedcut portrait duties! There was a lot of tight drawing involved, followed up by tweaking in Photoshop and Illustrator. These images project a refined, engraving-like quality. Getting the garment folds in the Cooper’s outfit was a challenge!

Upscale BakeryGraphic Logo

Toth Design (now Toth + Co.), up in Boston, had hired me for a long series of print ads for Brooks Brothers (You can read about that here).  Now they had a new assignment for me. I created a graphic logo for a cupcake bakery chain. After many sketch versions, we settled on our final concept. Here is the finished art:

elegant Bakery Graphic Logo

Jester juggling cupcakes graphic logo for a bakery

I spotted this image on a shop window at Newark Airport, sometime later.

Property Development Graphic Logos

And, lastly, here is a graphic branding illustration I did for a property developer in Pennsylvania:

Meadow ridge property development graphic logo

Meadow ridge property development graphic logo

This image also took some time to develop and get right. We got there in the end, and came through with a successful image.


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