Tyler and Temple Abroad

Last week, I went back to my old school. The occasion resulted from a series of events leading up to the signing of a limited edition of prints that were produced from my rendering of the Temple Abroad school in Rome.

A while back, my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary by going to Italy for three weeks. It put a big smile on her face!! Our first day there, in Rome, I led her to the Temple Abroad school, and we were lucky enough to find the Dean in. I attended this school in my Senior year, Fall 1976. Kim Strommen was gracious enough to drop everything and take us to lunch (after we toured the building with many fond recollections). It was a great day, despite the jetlag, and Dean Strommen introduced us to a wonderful new museum dedicated to the sculpture of a certain Hendrik Christian Andersen, situated directly behind the school.


Andersen Museum

~ in the H.C. Andersen museum

When we returned from our trip, I found an email from Kim, who had a terrific idea! In honor of the 40th anniversary of the opening of the school, he suggested I produce an illustration of the Villa Caproni, home of the institution. I gladly launched into the project, and the image was published in the Temple Abroad newsletter. Apparently, it caught the attention of the International Office at Temple, and a limited edition print series was proposed. After many months of arrangements, the prints were produced. I was on press for the run to make sure things were looking right…

The rendering:

Temple Abroad building in Rome

The following week, I was invited to visit Temple, in Philadelphia, for a signing ceremony, a tour of the new Tyler School (almost completed), lunch with Asst. Dean Greg Murphy, and dinner with Dean Strommen and a couple of Tyler Prof’s, Dallmann and Moore. My wife attended with me. It was a big day, and I was afforded more than my due of accolades. It took forever to sign those prints! Here I am doing the deed with Dean Strommen providing oversight:

The real treat, though, was getting a tour of the new Tyler School. When I first learned of the plan to move Tyler into the main campus, I admit to feeling let down. The Elkins Park campus of Tyler was pleasantly appointed in a fairly verdant suburb of Philadelphia. So many memories! Yet, I was blown away by the scale and expanse of the new facility, and I have been impressed, over the years, at how the Temple main campus has grown into a vibrant commons. So, now, I’m all about the school! It really is an impressive piece of architecture, with tons of studio space awaiting lots and lots of new equipment. Makes one long for the student days. Architects are Carlos Jimenez, and H2L2 Architects. Here is their rendering:

They will open the new building this winter. Exciting!

4 thoughts on “Tyler and Temple Abroad

  1. Hi Kevin, Just got your email and thought I would check it out. Funny, we have an artist who lives up the Mountain from Grand View here in Costa Rica and he showed me his latest work this afternoon–very nice water color of sailboats in Brazil. I told him that thank God I can appreciate it as it was not completly abstract. I told him my favorite is pen and ink for the detail and realism so it is nice to see your work this evening. Sorry to say I worked for Calcomp as an engineer for their ink jet plotters years ago and to me it seemed the end of real art!

    Take care and I will keep checking things out as your blog grows— Gill

  2. Thanks for that, Gill. I, too, appreciate representational art. I don’t think there is ever an end to “real” art. Making art, in my opinion, is an integral part of being human, and we, as a creative species, love to wield our crafts!

  3. Dude. You are world famous now. Let’s go to Spain and you can draw all the joints we get drunk in. I found a great port town with cheap digs.

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