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I am known as the artist who pioneered the iconic hedcut portraits for the Wall Street Journal. In the following posts, you will read about how it all came to pass. But, there is much more to my story, as you will discover…

I should start by explaining the blogsite title. Although I am foremost a practicing illustrator, I also am a devotee of the musical arts, and things audible. The only instrument I am (somewhat) proficient at is the drumset. Hard to believe I’ve been swinging the sticks for well over 40 years. But, it’s a beneficial avocation to have: a ton of fun and a fitting antidote to a sedentary lifestyle.

aside: in high school, I used to swear to myself that I would never have a desk job— the Gods are laughing!

This blog is my link to the wider world, as I ply my craft in Coastal North Carolina. I like to write, and my practice requires long hours of solitude at the drafting table, so I look forward to engaging with you in this forum.
In the following postings, I will dredge up previously-written emails I’ve made in response to questions (about my work), endeavor to answer queries from readers, and try to accurately reflect what’s going on around me–professionally, and personally. It is also my intention to roll out a bit of my story, in words and illustrations. There will be some early and heretofore unpublished work that’s been knocking around with me over the decades. I hope you enjoy this site!
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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Inkrhythm

  1. Kevin,
    I enjoyed learning about your history. Having only known you behind a drum kit (and once on the bagpipes) up to this point, this was a real eye-opener. Best of luck with this new blog! Looking forward to our next jam.

  2. Kevin,

    I always enjoy your company and marvel at your art. Congratulations on your old and new endeavors with Tyler. Good luck with your blog and thanks for the opportunity to check in on you every now and then. Love to Roe, Brendan & Bridget.


  3. Kevin is very modest about his stick swinging ability, as a founding member of the “8th Avenue Rangers”, besides being able to keep the beat, and wield the illustrators pen he is known for absolutely demolishing huge plates of BBQ at RUB on 23rd st NYC along with the other members of the band.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week.

  4. Thanks, you guys— I appreciate your comments at the launch of this blog.
    My only beef is, Bob, I am a very slow (and moderate) eater. If my vegetarian daughter hears of this rumor, there’ll be trouble for me!

  5. Hello Kevin.. Hope this blog accepts questions about your style. I’ve written to you before about how you got the WSJ to go with an illustrative hedcut. To see the progression from the early days to now, really illustrates how it evolved. Do you use 1 sized nib for the cuts/other projects? I’m trying to emulate that style from a mostly random dot to a ” matrix pattern “and having difficulty understanding how you shape the form shadows on the face. Again… thank you for time.


  6. Kevin, I too was amazed to read more about you than I had known prior to your blog. I wouldn’t worry too much about your vegetarian daughter yet because your secret is secure with us. See you in Philly soon I hope.

  7. Wonderful info, beautiful illustrations, I am partial to the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Thank you for sharing so much. See you soon, Colleen

  8. Thanks, Colleen,
    The Lighthouse image (see Currents>Nautical Life post) was produced for an annual report a few years ago. There was a miscommunication between me and the design firm in setting up the project. They wanted a black and white image, and I priced the job, and produced the image as full-color! It was a bit embarrassing on both sides, but I’m glad I was able to create the color image you see here. (Would have been half the work in b+w!) The client paid in full, and printed the image in duotone print process. It was somewhat frustrating for me, but we all ended up friends!

  9. For Frank,

    Certain things I do not divulge, but to elaborate on the dot-matrix concept: think of the “5” side of a die. That is the matrix pattern I am alluding to, repeated over and over in an area. Capisce?

  10. Kevin,
    :-].. Capisce!
    I felt it was a dicey question, but had to ask.. Thank you, I’m studying it NOW!. As for how to found you… Googled keywords like WSJ illustrations, Stipple, I even put in pointilism, even though the two are different styles.. google must see them in the same light. Noli Novak comes up top, not quite sure why, but you’re on page 1.
    I’ve been working on a bunch of new stuff. Would you take a look if I zip them up. I value you’re feedback as a mentor.

    Regards… Frank

  11. uncle Kevin
    Very eye opening it was a joy to read. I liked reading and veiwing the points of your wise and full life.I cant wait to read your next segment.

    Mark Romanskidk

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