The Art of Architecture, part 2

(all illustrations, copyright Kevin Sprouls. Photos, copyright G.Intili, K.Sprouls)

While I was transiting between sophomore and junior years in art school, my Dad managed to find employment for me at a local architect’s office for a month or so in the summer of 1975. Being one of those people who’d been through the depression, he was a trifle concerned that a career in art wouldn’t quite cut it in the bill-paying department! I learned a lot in those 5 or 6 weeks.

In addition to servicing the office machines, I learned how to produce an architectural rendering from blueprints. My illustration of the public amenities building at Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island in New Jersey was distributed to the state press. I am sorry to relate, that drawing is not in my collection… I wish I could show it to you! The firm was called, “Flatt and Poole, Architects” and located in Bloomfield NJ, if I recall correctly. Those fine people also employed me in painting a “Supergraphic” on a wall of their space. They were most generous to this struggling artist.

I didn’t let my Pop down, though. Later on, he asked if I would produce an advertisement for his company, New Jersey Realty Title Insurance Co., of which he ultimately became Chairman. He wrote the copy, I created the ad. The image above ran in the NJ Law Review, ca. 1982.

(“Good” architecture, illustration ca. early 90’s)

I am always struck by “bad” architecture. I know, I know, architects are expensive. I don’t think I have ever hired an architect, although I am friends with a few good ones. I have a small cottage in North Wildwood, NJ, where things are pretty much laid back and as you please. The level of improvisational landscape augmentation with regard to domicile structures is evident on every block. It is sometimes quaint and charming, but mostly downright insulting!

As I said, I have architect Buddies. One of them is Gianni Intili, of GIDesign.  Based in the NY metro area, Gianni works on projects all over the world. A native Roman, he is a genius in the kitchen as well as in studio. Many an enjoyable night have the Sprouls’ spent in the house he built known as “Domus 1”.
(below: Domus 1. right, self-portrait, G. Intili)

 Gianni is a generous friend. He and I killed some time one summer Sunday designing and constructing an overhead element for the outdoor shower enclosure I had built at the North Wildwood abode. I put the finishing touches on when the weekend was over:

The message I’d like to close this post with is, whenever possible, go to the professionals!

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