all art c. Kevin Sprouls.

One of my art school friends, Tim Barr, was hoping to see some more of my “student work” on this blog, so here it is (at least some of it)….

Thanks to my partner, who, just this last week undertook the formidable challenge of excavating our storage space, I have laid hands on some college-era graphic anthropology. Forgive me, but, as in other fields of the arts, this early stuff’s in black and white.From a sketchbook, circa 1975. I did a lot of time with those rapidograph pens! ’75 was quite a year for me. Lots of personal unfolding, and friendships cast. I frequently go back to that art school (Tyler School of Art) in dreams to once more savor the joys and optimism of my youth.

In the early days I used to set pen to page and take my chances. Half the time it worked. This image would have its merits were it not slipping off the page, and if Rover’s hind-quarters were better thought out (Let this be a lesson to all you upstart art students!).

Playing with the technical pen technique, and developing my control (somewhat). Back then, I was a true anachronist, being mysteriously drawn to things Medieval. I was a big fan of Tolkien, and even moreso of the Narnian Chronicles. My first journey into Ireland in 1974 deepened the attraction to Middle Age culture and arts. The Middle Age used to be a lot more fun than it is now (Pah-Dum-Pissshh!).

In my Junior year of school, I took my first course in Illustration. So, I finally learned to plan a piece of artwork and carry it through to a successful finish. This was an assignment from that class. We had to produce one of these a week. On top of the other four courses I was taking at the time, this class added considerably to my workload! My art school days were tumultuous, taxing, heartbreaking, magical, and in the end, so enriching. I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who taught me, and knew me during that time of profusion.

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