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(Wrong Election!!)

This illustration was commissioned by The New York Daily News, on the eve of the 2004 election. In my humble opinion, this is the illustration that should have graced the world by its publication on the day following the election.

So, aside from the candidates, I also feel robbed! My illustration is published for the first time here.

Of interest to you conspiracy theorists out there, I offer this well-overlooked news item (it is the Political Issue blog, after all!): http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2008/12/death_of_republican_computer_s.html

I am so looking forward to getting past the dark days of President (or should I say King) George! It has felt like living in “Bizaare-O World” to me the last eight years. I have had many personal setbacks I can justifiably lay at the feet this man and his coterie. This administration will be considered by historians to be the worst in our history, mark my words, Dear Reader.

Thanks, I trust, to a God who hears the pleas of his people (and to rational citizens motivated by understandable outrage!), we now have coming into our midst, a “real” President:

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  1. I think you should send Obama his portrait. It could turn into more work if he actually receives it. Can’t hurt. He’s earned it!

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