Making Maps, part 2

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

People are seemingly fascinated with maps. I suppose it only takes curiosity, wanting to know where one’s going. The prospect brightens if the lay of the land is attractively presented. There is an admirable amount of craft that goes into illustrated maps, and the tradition is, of course, ancient. Here, then, are a few of mine produced over the years:

A cruise line map for a print ad, ca. early ’90’s. I wouldn’t mind making that trip— it would be colorful and historic, certainly.

ca. 1995, British Airways. Mixed media on board, with route and cities on transparency overlay.

Chicago Tribune, 2004. A map to show the celebrated Mendoza wine country. Watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink.

2003, for a school textbook covering the history of the nation’s capitol. The city plan was incorporated into my illustration of the rivers.

The map was produced in 2006, for Random House, for the flyleaf of a young person’s book. Notice the gutter that distinguishes this as a spread.

Field and Stream magazine, 1999. One of four fishing maps published in that issue. Watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink.

1995, American Express Travel Related Services was the client. The original was in black and white, line art only. I took the liberty of making a full-color version. The line art was made into a transparency, and I created the color backdrop to lay beneath it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these samples from my “vault”, and look forward to more mapmaking going forward!

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