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Surf’s Up, Dude! I’ve been spending time out in Studio B, in North Wildwood, NJ, since March 16th (off and on). The snapshot above is from a month ago, early May, and the water was still pretty cold. This relocation may partly explain why these posts have dropped a bit in frequency. My workload is also pretty heavy right now. Lucky for me I can steal off to the sea once in a while.

In this posting, I’m bringing out some “conceptual” illustrations. Most were produced while I was at The Wall Street Journal. The telephone illustration was done after my tenure at The Journal was up. It was created for one of the telephone companies of the day… maybe Sprint or MCI.

Produced for a full-page newspaper ad. circa 1990.

The one below won me a gold medal from one of the newspaper organizations. For some reason, a big fuss was made out of it.


While I was at The Wall Street Journal, the paper went from a one-section broadsheet to two sections. We illustrators on staff (as well as an increasing number of freelance artists from outside our stable) would be called on to create larger format artwork for the new section. The image above would be introducing a story about the enormous amounts of paper generated by an office building. circa. mid-80’s.

From the same time, also for the expanded newspaper format that The Journal had adopted. This image had to do with the developing practice of global wireless banking transactions.

That will have to suffice for now, dear reader. It’s off to the drawing table once again for me. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be heading to the beach before you know it…

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