Richard McGraw, artist

Well, Summer 2009 is now officially history.

I know, Dear Reader, that I have been sorely remiss in being a faithful, steady blogger.

C’est-la Guerre! This season past has, I confess, been a bit of a bear! Nothing to fret over, just the usual struggle that I’m confident will give way to easier times.

While saying a fond farewell to my favorite season, I received a gift to welcome my 2nd-favorite, in my mailbox: A shiny mylar envelope containing a newly-released CD.

Let me explain:

Many moons ago, I was retained for illustration services by one Richard McGraw, whose 1st CD release, “Song and Void, Vol. 1”, I had previously illustrated. This time, Richard wanted an illustration of a Risen Christ to be drawn from an image I was well-familiar with, a Detail of the Isenhein Altarpiece by Grunewald, ca. 1515. I had always been an admirer of this image– it strikes me as so forward-thinking for the time. Seems like that was ancient history— doing that job for Richard, I mean!

Here is the illo, as inked by me…

And here is the CD cover, as produced by Richard…

Note the metallic ink printing.

Note the metallic ink printing.

A nice touch as well is the enlarged detail on the liner insert which holds the disk…

It’s always rewarding to see one’s work in published format (providing the job’s not BOTCHED in the process!). Aside from the strong song writing/performing on this disk, Richard is also in charge of the Graphic Design duties for the album, which I think he’s handled quite well here.

I hope you’ll check Richard out— he’s got a distinctive voice as an artist that’s worthy of your attention!

Meantime, it’s Ciao to Summer. I will, it is hoped, be somewhat more regular with this communication in future… ¬†Adieu!

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