Further on Wine…

I’m looking very smug here, but, really, I am not much of a wine expert!

While at home, I confess that I enjoy sipping a gin martini. In Italy, one drinks wine, England, beer, etc.; however, very recently I had the sublime pleasure of imbibing Shiraz at mid-afternoon.

The occasion resulted from my Wife’s being engaged as the Wedding Harpist at the Alba Vineyard, a well-respected winery in an idyllic corner of Western New Jersey. The Nuptials took place up on a hillock in the middle of the vineyard… a spectacular stage for the august event.

The weather was incredible, with sunlight streaming down brazenly in the high mountain altitude. I puttered around down below, and did some yoga deep-breathing to while away time and revivify my aging frame, on a boulder across from the marital action.

When the ceremony wrapped up, I brought the car around, picked up the harpist and harp, and beat a trail down to the winery. We entered the visitors reception and received the lay of the land from our hosts. Soon, we were making our purchases, and took a bottle out to the quaint, sun-lit terrace to share a couple of glasses in the brilliant, crackling October air. That Shiraz was sweet and syrupy… an unexpected pleasure so early in the day! And, for its bold precociousness, the experience was of singular memory.

The Alba Winery

But, of mundane things…

Another Red of the Season, “Priorat” from the abovementioned (previous blog) Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board ad campaign. The books hanging over on the left were drawn on the same art board as the main illustration, the campaign requiring a main, and a spot image in the adverts.


The image above is from a series I created for the Reynolds Vineyard in Australia. I have yet to sample this selection, but look forward to it. Some mid-afternoon, perhaps!

Sante, Mes Amis… til next we meet.

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  1. I love to stipple. I discovered it thankfully because I am allergic to many of the other materials such as pastel, oils and many art markers. If you get a chance, please check out my art donated for fundraising for wildlife and bear protection groups on WEBSHOTS (karenvstefanini) and let me know what you think. I am often compared to Albrecht Durer when people see my rhino, elephant mom and dad with calf, and many others. I certainly am not as prolific nore as talented, but I do like precise detail.

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