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‘Tis Autumn, and that means that, in the old country, trucks are rolling into the towns, burgs and cities carrying great barrels of Vino Rosso to the trade. I remember well my student days in Rome attending Temple Abroad (the University), in the Fall of ’76!

The school is much the same today as it was then, as I can attest to from my visit in 2007. October is a wonderful time of year to visit Rome, I can tell you.

Now, the Romans enjoy cool, white wines in Spring/Summer, and red wine in Fall and Winter, generally speaking.

When I was a student, one could go down to almost any restaurant with an empty litro bottle and get it filled for little more than a dollar! The “house” wine would be dispensed from a large barrel, one of those that were trucked in, as afore-mentioned. I’m told this traditional means of buying vino is gradually receding into a storied past –more’s the pity!

So, here’s to a celebration of Reds. Images are from a campaign I was commissioned for last summer by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board: a curious name for an agency tasked with promoting wine! These were used in newspaper ads and in the PLCB shops. Cabernet Sauvignon is captured above. Below, the Merlot…

Finally, a seductive Shiraz accompanied by a rather creepy-looking shady character. Like your uncle having an illicit affair. Wow, scary!

After all, though, it is coming up on Halloween…

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