This is a job for Euroman!

all images, Kevin Sprouls

Lately, I’ve had the good fun of working with a very talented Art Director from Denmark named Sune Ehlers. Sune puts it all together for a beautiful magazine called “Euroman”. I love this magazine… I only wish I could read it! It’s one of the most visually tasteful periodicals I’ve seen.

Portrait of Jorgen Leth, author

So, my first assignment was do create a wall street journal hedcut style image for an article on a featured literary light. It was enjoyable, as the image was strong.

A couple of weeks went by, and I contacted Sune to say he might consider trying me again. He did.

Sune engaged my services for a full-page illustration featuring the Vancouver team’s favorite Dane, Jannik Hansen. Very Exciting for me. It printed up really well in the magazine, too, I am relieved to tell!

Over the years, I’ve been experimenting with digital files of my art and trying to arrive at the peak outcome in print (and on the web, of course). I think I’m getting there…

Another Hansen, this one a Handball player practicing his craft in Barcelona. I haven’t seen this in print yet. I believe it’s “on the newstands” now. Again in full-page format.

An additional kick that came with this gig is I got profiled at the front of the magazine.

If you get a chance to view this ‘zine, I think you’ll agree it will be worth your while, even if you’re Danish-impaired, as I am!

3 thoughts on “This is a job for Euroman!

  1. You are a true inspiration. A master at his craft, a draughtsman second to none. We all learned from you, so thank you Kevin. All those Wall Street artists I know

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