A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 4

Finally, here is the fourth in a series which will complete this group of postings. This is the puzzle-piece that contains a most gracious testimony from my colleagues at the Wall Street Journal. The printing plate was presented to me as I took leave of my staff position there, bound for the freelance life!

Ok, I will try to get these right: Among these images, experimental musician Skip LePlant, Paul Volker, and Michael Barishnikoff, among others. As aforementioned, this plate was assembled by Rosemary Webber, one of the early staff illustrators at the Journal.

I went on in an advisory role for several months after my withdrawal from this day job. After a while it was determined that the Art Department, as it was, could go on without me. One nice perk was receiving a free subscription to the WSJ for a year.   …But, this was all before the introduction to the paper of that cold, hard thing —Photography!

p.s.: You may receive a hi-resolution complete image of this plate by emailing your request to KS at kevin@sprouls.com

3 thoughts on “A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 4

  1. Hi Mahvin,
    They screen print well. I recently produced an image of Obama for a t-shirt design.
    Normally, the portraits are designed to shrink down in size. For screen printing
    it’s best to enlarge so that the grain of the drawing is bold and distinct.

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