My Luminist Friend

This is by way of last-minute, I am afraid, but I wanted to share the work of my old art school pal (and Master Painter), Timothy Barr.

On October 22nd, My wife and I attended the opening reception of his latest exhibition, at the Somerville-Manning Gallery in Delaware, just outside of the Philadelphia suburbs.

I have mentioned my association with Mr. Barr elsewhere in the pages of this blog, as some of you will know. With this show, I think the man has, once again, outdone himself.

…a beautiful image of quilts flying in the breeze.

Here, I’m playing William Shatner, taking up all the space whilst being least important. Additionally, I’m blocking the frigging painting, which happens to be one of Tim’s favorites! He is very patient with me.

I love this painting. The only one in the show with a human subject. There is a story that goes with it, and here it is: Angus (pictured) is a neighbor who had a flock of pet chickens. One by one, the pets were picked off by predators. The last surviving pet, held in sublimely rendered hands, became the focal point of the painting. Tim says the facial expression of the youth was taken from life. Sure looks like the grim visage of experience to me.

A few years ago, for my wife, Roe’s 40th Birthday, I asked my luminist friend to paint a panel in honor of the event. It hangs in our home today.

a detail is below…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery visit, and that you may have the chance to catch it before closing. It is well-worth the trip.

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