Field and Stream

Back when I was living in the Honky-Tonk of the Wildwoods, in New Jersey, during the
summer of 2005, I was contacted to produce illustrations for the cover of Field and Stream
magazine’s 110th anniversary edition. I’m not a hunter, and have very little luck catching fish (so far), but I thought this was a really cool assignment. So I took it on.

The mag’s writers put together 110 hunting/fishing tips, and hired me to create a couple of dozen
spot illustrations for some of them.

Here’s the lead page of the cover article:

So, one by one, in this feature, the tips are listed. And are pretty interesting. Here are a few examples…

Producing this collection of spot illustrations, I had to limit the detail level of
each sample of the original art, in order to have them print well.
This example reveals the rather low-detail treatment I brought to the assignment:

Stay tuned for the next installment— why I am not fighting Plaque.

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