Worth it!

illustrations, Kevin Sprouls. Cover, Brian Stauffer

For the past three years or so, I’ve been retained as the main illustrator for the Leading Advisors section of the monthly financial magazine, WORTH.

It’s a good, steady gig, pays well, and gives me the gratification of being a published illustrator in this big old world.

A logical extension of my former work for the Wall Street Journal, the WORTH project involves me in providing current imagery for the evolving financial realm and its denizens. The publisher, Adam Sandow, proposed our working relationship a few years back, we worked out the format, and have been going strong ever since.

Unlike the Journal, whose hedcut portraits are strictly head-and-shoulders, Worth has directed me to produce more full-figure portraiture. A few examples are pictured below. To see the latest, pick up a copy of WORTH at your local newsstand today…

A large group-- these take many hours to produce!







2 thoughts on “Worth it!

  1. Interesting-I have to read your blog to see where you are featured. I see you on a semi-regular basis, yet I learn so much from a simple blog post!

  2. An ink trail of endless beauty. A wonderful study of fabric. If and when I get back to New York,I would love to see you

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