At the Creative Carnival

I was invited recently to appear at a most singular event: a Creative Carnival at the Art Director’s Club in New York, hosted by the Workbook. I’ve been a loyal advertiser in this national artists and photographers directory since the late ’80’s. I have always considered the Workbook in the top drawer, exclusively. My ads recently appearing…

My pal, Bob Pastore, sells me my ad space every year, and was responsible for dreaming up this utterly unique happening in lower Manhattan. The concept: Get a bunch of artists to perform for the attendees (art directors/buyers, etc.), and hire in other exotic performers for the artists. It was kind of zooey, and certainly a circus! Since I am kind of known for those executive portraits, I asked Mr. Pastore if it would be all right for me to draw his well-known countenance at the show. He was happy to provide a photo-file for me to work with, and I went to town, as it were. Here’s the drawing as it progressed

Bob with his finished portrait

My wife and I attended– she recorded some of the night with her iphone, and, somewhat more importantly, saw to my food and beverage needs. I met some awesome people.

I received a cordial visit from Belgian photographer/graphic artist Lars Moereels.┬áHe turned me on to the work of the great Ben Heine. I also met an artist I have long admired, Mark Summers. You may know his famous author portraits branded by the Barnes and Noble Booksellers chain…

Mark’s a genius. His art never disappoints, and he is probably the only illustrator I know who must spend more time than I do in creating his fabulous work!

He's the man - No, he's the man

Media Consultant Harvey Hirsch took some video…

Bob and my lovely Wife, Rosemarie, always enjoy hanging out together. He kindly refers to us as “you kids”.

Did I mention the exotic help that served us hors-d’eovres?

I should also say that I was able to snag an original Michael Witte illustration, created at the scene. I greeted Michael, briefly, on our way out. He is a terrific talent! To see the artwork I purchased at the event, stay tuned for the next exciting episode…

It was a rather long night. A Fantastic Show.

Come One! Come All! See the Fire-Eater!





12 thoughts on “At the Creative Carnival

  1. I wish I was there. I have always admired Micael Witte’s work.
    Mark Summers is quite an artist. Probably the best scratchboard artist.

  2. The work in progress that you posted of your friend Bob Pastore is fabulous. It clearly illustrates your extreme talent!!! Love the advertisement card (?) that has the juggler and cellist…too good for words. (Hi to Roe!)
    Colleen G

    • Thanks Colleen. Glad you liked the progression. I wish I had the finished piece to post, but it was finished at the event, and got put up on the auction wall, and…Gone!

  3. Looks like a very talented gathering! I read that Roe was attending to your food and beverage needs and thought to myself, “I could never get away with that.” That’s right…Roe would NEVER fetch food and drink for me!

  4. Glad your night was productive, entertaining, and enjoyable. Reminds me of some of the Christie’s parties we attended over the years. NYC is, well, NYC. Nothing quite like it!

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