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More on food, drink, and the illustrations pertaining to such. The above is an image I produced for Toth Design in Boston, as in Beantown. I spent a few years doing illustrations for a long series of Brooks Brothers ads which ran in major newspapers. Here is the image in situ…

Another of my clients was Thermador, the stove maker. I contributed quite a few pieces to their promotional vehicles. One of them, above. Below, a print ad, followed by a couple of the illustrations in detail…

I scanned these images from original photostats (Thermador holds the original art). Although the machinery and effort that went into making these photographic prints was a royal pain, modern-day computer technology can’t rival the depth that could be achieved with this antiquated process. I junked my camera years ago!

One of the favorite dishes at our house is artichokes. Ever eat one? On a trip to Sicily a few years back, my wife and I used to pass vendors on the street who presided over huge vats of simmering water— I think they were fueled by propane torches. Artichokes to go! We diffidently sidestepped these vedge-mongers, but we missed out. After creating this image for Runner’s World, I learned just how to prep and consume these succulent treats. The trick is in the dip. I make ours from olive oil, lemon juice and salt.


Turning to food’s significant other, I had some fun concocting work for the Glenlivet brand. Here’s an example from a print ad I did with Karen Barrows/Offsite Creative

Looking back through my books, it seems I did other whiskey-related work with Karen. This image started its life as a black-and-white illustration. It was commissioned for a newspaper ad in the Canadian market. I thought the work had promise, so I added color…

…A shift of gear, and over to beer. A logo for a beer label— sorry, no specifics on this one. If anybody spots the image on a bottle at the local liquor store, give me a call! This would have been used in vector format, with the client dropping in color at his/her discretion.

All of the above may be small beer, but, I’m getting thirsty from my efforts. Time for refreshment!


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  1. Kevin;

    This is really wild! My sister-in-law (and next door neighbor) is an artist for Toth Design! Her name is Judith (Jude) Johnson. I think she is more in the fashion marketing end of the company.

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