Getting Medical


I have an aversion to the biological sciences, I must confess. Though I am not squeamish, the physiological details, intestines, arteries, bones and blood, etc., have always been a turn-off for me. It doesn’t mean I’m shallow; I merely prefer a life of the observable, tactile and experiential.┬áIn any case, I am certainly glad I don’t have the pleasure of enduring 19th century medicine…

Getting to the point of this post, I was assigned the task of illustrating some germicidal specimens for the Canadian market, in an ad for Lever 2000 handsoap, at the request of the J. Walter Thompson agency, Toronto.

This was the initial sketch, pitching my services to the agency.


These images are scanned from the reprint of the ad. I wish I had the original art to present here, as the reprint is somewhat lacking the jewel-like quality I was after in producing the originals.

Wishing you all success in getting over flu season — remember to wash your hands!


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