New Yorker Years

Once again, I return to my collection of New Yorker illustrations. These images are new to this blog. It was a great privilege to be called on to produce the art for this august publication— I read it every week to this day. The stickler about the gig was twofold: a.) It didn’t pay much and b.) It would be a 1-day turnaround when I got the (almost weekly) call. Meaning dropping all else. Once, I set up a desk and pens in a friend’s basement because I wasn’t at home when the assignment came in. I was so devoted!

My drawings were used in the GOAT section (Goings On About Town). The above announcing the appearance of “Animal Logic”, a musical group consisting of Deborah Holland, Stanley Clarke and Stewart Copeland.

Announcing an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, “Pompeii”.

I was playing with a more graphic treatment on this illustration. Aside from the stipple technique, I took some pains to introduce some linear penmanship. Now, here, I’m counting on my highly erudite readers to identify this image, from a Japanese film. Can you name this flick? The actors??

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  1. How many emergency phone numbers did illustrators have to give back then to their employers (in the days before cell phones and email)? Love the Japanese film piece. Wish I could number myself among those who actually know the film.

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