On Vacation…

It may seem like I’ve been on an extended vacation, as I haven’t posted in quite some time. In truth, I have been over my head in work, with no opportunity to blog!

My wife and I had the chance to travel to Nova Scotia recently, to visit my daughter and her fiance. It was quite a place! While there, we went oystering in the cove of a nearby bay. Between four harvesters, we took 78 oysters, and 60 mussels. Getting these beauties home, we immediately set to eating our catch. Deeeliscious.┬áRead more about all this at the Bitehouse, Chef Bryan Picard’s┬ámost excellent blog.

Here is an oyster illustration I did for New York Life in 2010…

I did find a good sized pearl in one of these oysters, but it rolled away and dropped from the table, never to be seen again. Another fortune denied!



2 thoughts on “On Vacation…

  1. Made me wonder what a good sized pearl would fetch on the market. Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but then again, you did have a great meal, to boot.

  2. I did recognize the maritime province setting of some of your recent uncaptioned facebook photos. I haven’t been there in about 25 years, but I’m sure, going back would be Fundy!

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