Dog Portraits

All images, Kevin Sprouls

I’ve known quite a few dogs in my time. So many, and every one unique.

Recently, I was hired to illustrate a pooch named Zoe. She’s a mascot for a team of folks connected with Stanford University in California. That got me to thinking: great subject for the next blogpost. As it turns out, I have illustrated very few of our canine colleagues. I wish I had more, but this lot will have to suffice…

Here is a racing cocker spaniel. I kind of like the spirit of the drawing, and tried to give him a big personality.

A bit different with this subject, published in the Wall Street Journal in the 1980’s. I enjoyed rendering the folds of fur. Believe it or not, this breed, the Shar-Pei, was the “it” dog for a few years back then.

A year or so back, my client, Worth Magazine, requested that I include this money manager’s pets in the drawing…

As I mentioned above, this is a very recent drawing of a mascot over at Stanford U. in California… She has quite an expressive visage, soulful yet enigmatic.

I’ll close with this cute little pup. Our family dog for 14+ years. A real Jack Russell Terror! This guy was a hellraiser, and it’s many the guest that accidentally left a door ajar to set him on an unsuspecting neighborhood! He’s been a repeat offender, picked up by cops a few times, and even got sent to the “big house” (the pound) once. I had to fork over $60. to get him released. Yet, in this photo, he looks so harmless, with those innocenti eyes!


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