Fighting Mood

I’m mostly a peace-loving kind of person. But, blame it on the full moon, maybe personal stuff, or perhaps I’m just feeling pugnacious from spending entirely too much time at the drafting table and needing to find release.

In any case, this blog post is all about the fight!!

I’ve only produced a fistful of pugilistic images in my short career. And, I’m only too glad to send a few punches your way, Dear Reader….

These illustrations were done in the days when I was somewhat handicapped in the scanning and archival department, and so, the images may be less than perfect. I place these at around ca. 2000, perhaps a little earlier…

Someone, however, gave me a beautiful image to work with, back in the day.

The client wanted to run an ad in the Wall Street Journal advertising his gym– here is the ad layout:

The illustration came out like this…

Well, time to hang up my gloves… so glad I got all that off my chest!

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