Illustrations of Classic Cars and Trucks

In my steady gig drawing illustrations for Worth Magazine, I was recently asked to create a portrait of a man and his car. I illustrate most of the images in the magazine’s financial advisors section, and this advisor apparently has an automotive bent. I was anxious to produce this complicated stipple drawing, as I am a fan of classic cars and really enjoy drawing illustrations of them.

Illustrations: A Man and His Car

Another stipple illustration I’ve made, this one for a friend in Ireland, is of an old automobile by the name of “Alvis”, a British make. My good friend could not resist traveling over to Great Britain to purchase this lovely sedan. I’ve ridden in it myself. The model dates, as I recall, from 1938.

Classic Alvis Illustration

Iconic Illustrations of Classic American Trucks

A vehicle design that has remained fairly constant since I’ve been around, and one that’s surely iconic is the venerable UPS truck. One might consider it a bridge between past and present. I did this spot illustration, and many more, for an employee commemorative booklet celebrating a major anniversary of the company.

Illustrations of the Iconic UPS Truck

Kevin Akers, a terrific designer in California, recruited me for another interesting illustration project: It involved the creation of multiple illustrations that were used in a giant wall calendar from the west-coast caterer, Tony’s Foods. This small stipple illustration (and all the others) were later colorized by Mr. Akers.

Tony's Fine Foods Truck Illustrations

For this one, I adopted a more linear style of drawing.

Full Color Automotive Illustrations Make a Splash

There was a rather major roll-out of a brand new automotive brand a couple of decades ago: the Saturn automobile. Hal Riney & Co. in Los Angeles tapped me to create half a dozen full-color illustrations for a very splashy, over-sized promotional brochure. Here is the heart of the matter…

Full Color 450 Engine Illustrations

Classic and Classy: Illustrations for Mercedes-Benz S-Series Cars

I was also involved in illustrating another major ad campaign, working for Mercedes-Benz. It promoted their S-series with a variety of my drawings. The following are illustrations that ran in the Wall Street Journal, among other places…

Mercedes-Benz Grill Illustration

Mercedes-Benz Airbag Illustration

Hope you’ve enjoyed this scenic excursion through classic automotive illustrations. I’ll meet you down the road.



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  1. I love your work! Might you grant permission for someone to use the UPS illustration on a website if you were given proper credit? ….or would that question be better directed to UPS?

    Great blog! Thanks 🙂

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