Engage Your Audience with a Personal Portrait

A ‘dot drawing’ personal portrait may help you help your audience in ways you never anticipated. There are many uses for portraits in the world today. While an author’s portrait on the back of a book springs to mind instantly, there are many other situations where a personal portrait makes a lot of sense. Corporate or club directories, web sites, social media profiles and even advertising can all benefit by simply including your personal portrait.

The Laws of Subtraction – Rules for Success

Personal Portrait: Mathew May In his new book, the laws of subtraction, Mathew May posits six minimalist rules of success that buck the trends of excess in which our society is awash. These six laws of subtraction each make a simple, elegant statement about how simplicity can expand our experience and improve our lives. By removing, or by avoiding, the right things in just the right ways we call attention to the important things that our culture of excess hides from us.

The third law states that limiting information engages the imagination. One example of this law that Mathew presents is the personal portrait style Kevin created in the nineteen-eighties; The Wall Street Journal’s iconic hedcut portrait style.

Personal Portrait Powered by ‘Dot Drawing’ Simplicity

These ‘dot drawing’ personal portraits are not actually ‘drawings’ in the traditional sense, and, as Mathew points out they actually enroll your mind to create something that isn’t really there. When you look at these, what you actually see is a pattern of dots on the page with white space around them. You mind must construct the patterns of the ‘dot drawings’ into an actual portrait of the person depicted.

Kevin’s ‘dot drawings’, thus call on the viewers creativity and imagination to reconstruct your portrait and bring the information into focus to form an image of your face with depth, dimension and character that no photograph could meet with its barrage of information excess, leaving nothing for the viewers mind to do.

Learn more about the Laws of Subtraction and personal portraits

Contact Kevin today and see about putting the third law of subtraction to work to engage with your audience on a completely new level. Also, be sure to check out Mathew’s book to see how you can apply all 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything to work in your life today.

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