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Being a freelancer, I take on a variety of work, not just the Wall Street Journal hedcuts that I’m most often retained for. A recent case in point is a series of small logos I produced for Hines, a property development company. Greg Malphurs at Soupcan was the A/D– a talented guy and a great person to work with. Rucker and Co. was the branding company that put us together. We ended up doing five small icon images¬†for Hines. Some were direct and simple to create, some required sketch development to get the concept right. But, I think the results, in the end, were satisfying for all concerned.

Here are the Finished Logos I Provided…

Logos - Building, Finished

Logos - Eagle, Finished

Logos - Globe, Finished

Logos - Telescope, finished

Challenging Concept Development

The last icon was challenging for us. We had to find a simple and effective way to illustrate a concept that seemed very elusive to graphical presentation when we began. By working together to explore the concept, we were able to produce a finished illustration that satisfied all the requirements of the work.

Now, I’ll take you behind the scenes, so you can see, for yourself, how the last image evolved…

Sketch - Concept 1

Sketch - Telescope, Concept 2

Sketch - Telescope, concept 3

Sketch - Telescope, concept 4

Sketch - Mountaineer, concept

Sketch - Modern Man, concept

The client tried some of these¬†ideas on for size– here is one trial version…

Logos - Hines Security, Finalist

The concept sketch we went with in the end was this…

Logo, Hines Security, Telescope, Final

After some last-minute tweaks on direction from Greg, I created …

The Finished Logo Art…

Logos - Modern Man, Finished

an example of these logos in use…

Logos in Use

So, there you have it– a sampling of my work applied to the art of creating logos. Of course, you can see more by visiting my website, Kevin Sprouls Illustration or contact me directly through the contact page.

Thanks for following my further adventures!

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