Greeting Cards – Tis the Season to Share Art

Greeting Card Greeting cards feature prominently in the cherished memories of most Americans. We have fond memories of the beautiful, whimsical and sometimes even somber little works of art carefully arranged on Grandma’s mantle or strung on strings in the dining room. For many of us, straddling the leading edge of the information age, Holiday Cards take us back to our childhood.

Greeting Cards Make Connections

Today things move more quickly, and I’ll admit I’m in there in the thick of the fray most days. I get my news on my phone, communicate with my friends on Facebook and haven’t written a paper and ink letter in over a decade.


Greeting Cards Share Love

Greeting cards offer an opportunity to connect with people in a way that emails and digital nudges simply cannot hope to match. They are a personal, meaningful sharing of art and through art, love.


Christmas Party

Greeting Cards are Memorable

If you want to stand out in someones mind, send a them a greeting card this year. People receive very few of them, and I’m willing to say that a good number of people won’t receive one single card at all this year. Why not be the person who took the time to send them one of the few, if not the only greeting card they receive this year.

For an even more memorable experience, Kevin can help you design a greeting card as unique as you are, just for the people who make your life and your holidays special.


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