The Fifth Day of Christmas

While a ring has many different meanings, from the ring of fire, a boxing ring, rings around rosies, the ringing of a bell, ringing ones clock and many more, the most common one we think of today is the ring we wear on our fingers. Gold has fewer meanings, but certainly the precious metal leaps to mind, especially when paired so immediately with a ring.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable at all for you to think that the true love might proffer a gift of five valuable golden rings for the lucky paramour to wear on their fingers, You’d be incorrect, but certainly not unreasonable.

If you are beginning to get the idea that this list has a lot to do with birds, the fifth day will, probably surprisingly, cement that thought in place for you. The five gold rings here refer not to jewelry, but to ring neck, or common, pheasants. While these game birds are common throughout North America and Europe today, and not so exotic to our minds, they were once new and very exotic to Europeans, having been imported from the Exotic and mysterious East.

We think your true love, today, though might appreciate the simple bands of gold we’ve come to think of more than several birds fluttering through the house, so we present today’s Christmas illustration thus.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

My True Love Gave to Me,

Five Gold Rings.

Gold Ring

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