The Fourth Day of Christmas

I know, I know, you’ve been singing ‘calling bird’ your whole life, but the truth is that birds can’t get credit with AT&T or version and they lack the opposable thumbs that make dialing a possible. While many birds, including the Eurasian Blackbird do indeed sing, or call, out in a sweet sounding voice, the word in the song is actually colly. Colly means black as coal, so we aren’t talking about just an old songbird, were talking about the blackbird, a thrush.

Thrushes are plump, small to medium-sized birds with soft-plumage. They inhabit wooded areas throughout Europe and Asia, and parts of Africa. They have taken quite well to introduction in Australia and North America as well. They are omnivorous feeding primarily on the ground, but also on small fruit.

These are the same birds that sang for the king after being baked in a pie, well four of them are, the other twenty seem to have had better contracts and got the Christmas holiday off.

So, with that all cleared up:

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

My True Love Gave To Me,

Four Colly Birds.

Pretty Birds birds


We didn’t have any real Colly Birds, but Kevin though you might enjoy seeing these two bird illustrations done in the iconic stippled style of the Hedcut.

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