The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth Day of Christmas

My True love Gave to Me,

Six Geese-a-Laying


The venerable Goose has come down through the ages in a consistently positive light. From culture to culture, this bird represents life, rebirth and companionship. They have been the favored companions of victorious war gods, messengers carrying communications between the gods and men, and even as the mother of the very sun itself, laying the egg from which it hatched anew each morning.

Geese have also been depicted drawing the chariots of the gods, providing transportation for wise women and the geese of Juno, a goddess of light, marriage and childbirth, are credited with saving Rome herself from the Gallic invasion.

The Goose represents communication, fidelity and harmony in relationships. How fitting that the sixth day gift so strongly correlates to the very things needed for a relationship to survive the infamous seven-year itch. The promise of the Goose is the survival of the true love and continued fidelity through communication and harmony of desire and intent.

This gift is important, not only for lovers and couples, but for the whole of society. It is easy to forget our ties in the heat of differences. Communication and the rebirth of our commitments to each other give us the empathy to see past the trials and hardships and see the value in our relationships.


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