The Tenth Day of Christmas

Ten is the base of our number system and denotes completion, attainment and mastery. We often compile lists of ten things or instruction sets with ‘ten simple steps’, with the tenth item in either list representing the completion or the pinnacle example of the set.

Leaping is a specific kind of jumping in which a person jumps from one foot and lands on the other, as in dance. Leaping is also used to connote a quickness or suddenness, and a great deal of force in a jump. Examples such as ‘my heart leapt with joy’, ‘leaping away from the fire’ and ‘leap the fence’ demonstrate the that while versatile the word always carries a sense of power and force with it. it also seems to hold a nearly universality positive sense.

Bad guys don’t leap, they pounce, they bound and they may even vault, but they don’t leap.

Lords, are masters, again, like the number ten, the culmination and the pinnacle. They have authority and power, either in their field, or over others in the case of rulers. Leaping lords exercise their mastery to powerful effect, and ten of them leaping for your true love are an awe-inspiring portent for an amazing union filled with love and success.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

My True Love Gave to Me,

Ten Lords-a-Leaping.


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