The Third Day of Christmas

At first blush a French Hen doesn’t sound like much of a gift, and three of them don’t sound like much more. But as with so many things that come down to us through a few centuries, or even a few decades, the meanings get lost in the hustle and bustle of earning a living, raising a family and figuring out how to program the newest technological gift from Christmas past.

On the Third Day of Christmas,

My True Love Gave to Me

Three French Hens

French Hen The Poulet de Bresse isn’t just any old Chicken. She is a particular tasty French Hen from the Rhône-Alpes region of France with some very special qualities that make her the most sought after poultry dinner in all of France. In fact, despite an average of well over a million birds raised and sold each year, almost none of them make it out of the country. They are just that yummy. they also cost about $9.50/pound, a price that would send most US shoppers into an outraged fugue state.

The Faverolles, hailing from north-central France, has mostly hung up her work feathers and taken to the stage. These fancy French Hens are show chickens in the same sense that Aunt Matilda’s pure bred poodle, Mimi is a show dog, with ribbons, trophies and a centrally heated and cooled room of her own. It seems that they are particularly handsome for chickens, and some folks are very serious about handsome chickens.

Here’s to you and yours, and we hope your Christmas looks and tastes every bit as good as Three French Hens!

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