The Twelfth Day of Christmas

If I’d had some drummers around, i might very well have begun his series when I needed to for it to have finished on Christmas Eve as I had intended. But I suppose my error is beneficial in that you’ll have a full day to get going into the big day without having to worry about when I would post the last day.

Drummers are a special breed in the world of music. They don’t get the mad props that the singers and lead guitarists do, but they are critical to many forms of communication even beyond music. To start with, most of those lead guitarists and singers would be utterly incapable of keeping a steady tempo, or of changing tempo correctly when called for if the drummer were not leading the way, keeping time for the show.

Drummers, have throughout history provided communication across large distances by drumming out coded messages and were among the most vital men on the battle field when their cadences relayed information to the men fighting the battle so that the army acted as a cohesive unit.

Their services were also critical to the early success of many maritime powers as they beat out the rhythm for the oarsmen to drive ships through the surf to ply their trade in distant lands. In modern times fewer situations require a human to keep perfect rhythms  Machines, motors and wheels have taken many of the jobs that called for such an art, but we still use them in ceremonies and in music and no over the top, grandiose gift giving extravaganza would be complete without them.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

My True Love Gave to Me,

Twelve Drummers Drumming.


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