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Valentine's Kiss

Pucker up! Valentine’s Day is approaching. This pair of beauties was commissioned for the Quirk Publishing release, “Kiss & Tell” (A Trivial Study of Smooching). Here’s how it looks in print:   Kiss Book

You might consider the work an Amuse-Bouche of sorts.

This Valentine’s Day, many romantic tables will be complimented by that venerable Gift of the Gods, Wine. I’ve been producing art work for the Shafer Vineyards over the years, and contributed to this small booklet, From the Ground Up, which describes the genesis of the winery.  Wine Book

Designed by Michael Kavish, it’s an interesting read and covers the sometimes bumpy road experienced by the vintners of this fine Napa Valley wine. I’ll show you an illustration from the book, and an actual spread…  Fire in the Vinyard

In 1981, an arsonist planted three homemade incendiary devices in the bone-dry valley, and the hills were on fire! A wall of flame came within fifty feet of the winery, then stopped — arrested by the green, irrigated vines.  Inside Wine

Another historical book I worked on was for the Boston law firm, Palmer and Dodge, who were celebrating 100 years of practice.  Lawyer Book

For this project, I was given the challenge of reproducing the Boston skyline for the flyleaves…  flyleaf1

Boston of over 100 years ago… and now:  flyleaf2

To give you an idea of the detail-level, here’s a portion of one of the illustrations…  blog-skyline-tightcrop

Lastly, I’ll share with you a neat little pocket-sized book from The Arrow Shirt Company. I did a number of distinct spot illustrations for this one.  arrowshirt-book   The diminutive hard-cover was a combination of history, how-tow, and style guide, also containing some of Arrows offerings for that year. Some pages of the booklet follow…  collars measure

Helpful suggestions on preparing your cravat for the big night out this week…  Bow-tie   Tie

Next time, we’ll be returning to more art on animals, but for now, watch out for those arrows of Cupid!


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