Illustrations: The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures

The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures

Some time ago, I was approached by Quirk Publishing to draw illustrations for a book project: “The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures“. The proposal was for me to do 80 very small spot illustrations in the style of old encyclopedia art. It was a cool project, I thought, with imagery from the lighter side of Western Civilization. The image above is the cover of the  edition that was published in Great Britain. John Murray (Publishers) put out the U.K. version, for which I was happy to create additional images specific to British tastes. The original, American treatise’s cover looks like this: The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures Cover


The artistic challenge with this assignment was to get the objects and likenesses across within a fairly restricted space. The essence of the “Spot Illustration”. I’ve scanned a bunch of the original art boards to give an idea of the kinds of “treasures” contained within these tomes… enjoy the tour, and don’t worry: It’s Rated “G”. Toni Basil (“Micky”) and Mr. Rogers

Here is a spread from the book… inside

Spock      Mr. Spock

Landon      Michael Landon

BennyHill      Benny Hill

Manilow      Barry Manilow

Farrah      Farrah Faucett

Cap'n Crunch      Cap’n Crunch

Jiffy-pop      Jiffy-Pop

Maxxum      The men’s magazine

Streisand:Simmons Barbara Streisand, Richard Simmons

Madonna      Madonna

Klink      Colonel Klink

Della      Della Reese

Boyardee      Chef Boyardee

Abbott&Costello      Abbott and Costello

Along with the illustrations, the wickedly funny writing made this book a quite enjoyable read. If you pick up a copy, you will not be disappointed.

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