More Animal Art


As promised, and better late than never, installment 2 of the animal illustrations I’ve created over the years.

The feline fellow above was part of the Bell Canada print ad campaign I worked on. I had to produce it in 2 parts, as I was tasked with creating a pop-up type image. Now, I had never done this, so I had to make some calculations and models to make sure it would work properly. Here is the printed product, outside and in…


Lion fold-out

Another project, for National Geographic, involved reproducing fantasy creatures for some young people’s programming they were airing. Note the yellow and black color signature… geographic



Finally, a couple of images from my days at The Wall Street Journal…


The image above is a bit saturated in appearance because it is scanned from an original photostatic print, as we used at the Journal. Image size, about 2″ high. I thought it interesting to show you the actual texture of the drawing. Below is from an original. You can see the difference.


Come on in— the water’s fine!

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