How About Some Variety?


Recently, I was approached by the folks at Variety magazine. They were re-designing their magazine and web vehicle, and thought it would be great to have some of their writers in illustrated form, rather than the standard photographic headshot treatment. My challenge was to create a style somewhat distinct from the Wall Street Journal’s “Hedcut” look I pioneered many years ago. It took a few tries, but this what we came up with — A few examples, web version:

Abrams, Rachel-cropped Gray, Tim-cropped Littleton, Cyn-cropped

foundas, scott Marechal, AJ Dickey, Josh


An enlarged example of the print (uncropped) version:

foundas, scottProviding the digital files was quite involved, as the magazine needed three different crop and size formats for each image. Also, I needed to supply different resolutions for print and web environments — that was a lot of scanning!

But I received a very pleasant call-out when the re-design was launched. Here it is, with the full page version for context…




That was a biggish-scale project and took a lot of my attention early last Spring. But, I’m happy to be a part of this esteemed publication.

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