Summer Spots


I love summer. It is uber-adequate recompense for the disparagements of Winter. The Sun is a god I enjoy worshipping whenever I can!

beachbucket Because I am mostly surfside during these months, The images I offer in this post are kind of diverse and uneven in presentation, as I am not in the studio master-library. I hope you’ll bear with me, and in the next installment, Summer, version 2, things will come together in a more defined way, so, stay tuned!

A couple of shell-inspired illustrations… conch


sunglasses  My Mom  is always warning me against sun-exposure, but, I must confess I can be a bad boy. Gotta get the vitamin D, don’t you know?

In any event, one of my favorite “Summer spots” is over at my daughter’s place in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. God’s Country!

kevin in Cape Breton



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