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This is Dane Morgan, Kevin’s website geek.

I’m posting today for those of you who are receiving blog update notifications. We are migrating this system from Jetpack to Mailchimp so that we can take advantage of some advanced options to help make the updates better for you.

We won’t turn the feed off right away, so you’ll still keep getting notifications through this list for a couple of months, but I really recommend canceling this subscription and signing up on the new notification list right away while you are thinking about it.

Sign up for the Ink Rhythm email edition from the sidebar on the blog home page or from the footer area of any page on the site.

Thanks for reading.

PS. I’m working on twisting Kevin’s arm to mail out some cool email edition only articles to show our appreciation for those who update their subscriptions. I don’t think I’ll have to twist too hard!

One thought on “Blog Update Notifications

  1. I’m certainly no expert, but I think I’d move the subscription button closer to the top of the page. I for one, rarely scroll that far down. Just a thought. Great website, by the way.

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