WSJ Hedcuts, Kevin Sprouls ads, part 1

central park

So, Let’s see where those pen and pencil illustrations went into service…

Here, I’m presenting a double-page ad spread appearing in the Illustration and Photography directory, The Workbook. After leaving my post at the Wall Street Journal, I had to rely on self-promotion to get out there in the market hawking my services. The Workbook was and still is a great place to advertise. I have a long-standing relationship with the great team there. This spread dates from the early 1990’s, before the broad proliferation of the worldwide web. Everyone was still doing it in print.

workbook ad

You can see the pen and pencil in use here. Now, let’s get a closer look…


The images here were assignments from Saturn Automobile Co., City of New York, The New Yorker magazine, and Rodale Press.


Here, we haveApple Computer, Absolut Vodka, Mercedes-Benz and the Wall Street Journal represented.

The commercial art field is a challenging place for a freelancer, with lots of competition. This kind of advertising has served me well over the years, keeping me very busy…

Next time, I will reveal the very first national ad I produced— It was a breakout success. Stay tuned!


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