Portrait Illustration of Richard M. Hunt

richard m hunt-thmb

Another in the series of major American architect portrait illustrations that I produced for Reader’s Digest, in the hallmark hedcut style I created for The Wall Street Journal. This post regards the formidable architectural talent, Richard M. Hunt.

richard m hunt**

The following, from Wikipedia: Hunt was, according to design critic Paul Goldberger writing inThe New York Times, “American architecture’s first, and in many ways its greatest, statesman.”[1] Aside from Hunt’s sculpting of the face of New York City, including designs for the facade and Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and many Fifth Avenue mansions lost to the wrecking ball,[2] Hunt founded both the American Institute of Architects and the Municipal Art Society.

If you read about him you’ll find he supervised the construction of the Louvre Museum for a time. Here is a more detailed look at the illustration…

richard m hunt*

My illustrations of major American Architects were published as part of a long series of philatelic offerings for collectors of “First Day of Issue” postal stamps by Reader’s Digest. I almost got hired as a full-time, in-house illustrator there, but that’s a story for another post.

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