From Stipple Portraits to General Motors


Although I am largely involved in creating those hedcut style stipple portraits that I introduced to The Wall Street Journal, I also produce a wide variety of illustration for various clients nationally, and around the world.

This story begins in the early nineties. My wife and I had bought a house on the water, and, in due course, we found ourselves taking delivery of a small powerboat. One afternoon, while I was aboard swabbing the decks and wondering how to pay for this little trinket, I received a call from Hal Riney & Partners, in San Francisco. The agency was bought by Publicis in 1998, but, according to Wikipedia, Publicis & Hal Riney is an American advertising agency, founded in San Francisco in 1977[1] by Hal Riney as Hal Riney & Partners. He had previously led the west coast office of Ogilvy & Mather since 1976. They are best known for their award-winning work on Saturn automobiles and HP.

They hired me to help them launch the new General Motors automobile line, Saturn. I created several full-color illustrations for the sales catalogue.


This was a big, splashy brochure, measuring an outsized 10″ x 16″. Here are some of my images that were used on the inside. Take a look…


oil filter : paint layers



These were highly technical drawings, and took quite an effort to accomplish. The assignment was a fortunate event for me, though: it went a long way towards paying off that boat!

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