Food Illustration for Rodale Press


A few years ago, I was on assignment for Rodale Press. Runner’s World is a magazine they publish, and I was creating some food illustration spots for a feature on healthy foods for the running class. The project turned out to have a fringe benefit: I’ve been a big fan of the artichoke ever since! At our house, we steam the ‘chokes for 45 minutes, then work on the delicious vegetable with fingers and teeth, using a dipping sauce I gleaned from reading the article’s copy— lemon juice, salt and olive oil. It’s one of the few foods I eat without knife and fork, and the only food I eat fast. So good.

Here is a series of the illustrations I created for this piece… Enjoy:

salad~finish berrybowl2 berries2 ava~finish artichoke2a~finish artichoke1~finish


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