Illustration of a Historical Nature


I thought it might be interesting to cover a bit of history with my illustrations. I created this image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt while working at The Wall Street Journal:


Also created for the Journal, this illustration of the “Big Three” at Yalta, as the Allies sought to wind down World War Two.


The source photo for the illustration was this:


I had a good time drawing it, and my image was included in the Society of illustrators Annual printed book of their top illustration picks for the year.

Mor recently, I was assigned the task of once again drawing Mr. Roosevelt’s portrait. The client asked for a more engraved-looking image — here it is:


Lastly, I created the portrait of Churchill, below, as a self-promotional piece. It ran as part of my annual ad in the top national Illustration & Photography directory, The Workbook.


Thanks for joining me for a brief tour of yesteryear… I’ll have more posts in coming days. I hope you’ll join me again for my further pursuits in Illustration.


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