Spring Wings, and some Journal Images

This time, it’s all about winged things. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing tons of bird activity here in South Jersey with the promise of Spring in the air. The robins are making a right mess of my driveway! I had put aside a collection of Wall Street Journal images, birds in particular, for this posting, but it has flown away into a secret roost somewhere in my archives. So, here is an alternative selection of artwork — things with wings.

Journal Images
Journal Images Eagle*

A Bald Eagle I created for an ad campaign last year.

And a few from the pages of the Journal… a real variety of wings here, mosquito, angel and loon:

Journal Images Mosquito

Journal Images Angel

Journal Images Loon

Lastly, this image, for one of the telecom companies, was originally commissioned in b&w for a full-page newspaper ad campaign. I applied color just for fun…

Journal Images Flying Phone*

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