Kevin Sprouls creates WSJ Hedcut images for Playboy

A few years ago, Playboy Magazine commissioned a small raft of illustrations from me. Among them were a few choice Characters of celebre-majeur caliber. I like magazine work very much, as it gets my work out in front of lots of eyeballs. I know that’s crass, but you get the idea, Dear Reader. So, here are more star portraits in the WSJ hedcut style. I’m pleased to share them with you…


I recall the gist of the article was about style, fashion, hats particularly. I know you know, but above is pictured Johnny Depp and, below, Keith Richards. It’s kind of tough rendering the subject’s eyes behind tinted eyewear, but I gave it my best shot.


The subject below, Tom Waits. I LOVE this guy’s music, btw. He is truly an American Original. We actually would see him in the mid-seventies on the Tyler School of Art campus in Philadelphia from time to time, before he hit the big time. He was dating one of the students, story goes. I heard Tom interviewed recently, and he related a funny story. I’ll summarize and re-tell it as accurately as memory serves: He was called in to a Keith Richards recording session, and showed up not really knowing what to expect. The two giants sat around with guitars, working stuff out. Waits said that, after about 45 minutes of jamming together, Keith shouts, “SCRIBE!” Tom explained he didn’t quite know how to react to this abrupt verbal command. Nonetheless, he grabbed a pencil and some paper, and began taking dictation from Richards. They jammed some more, “SCRIBE!” was summoned again, and again, and in the end the two troubadours ┬áhad a song to record.


Brad Pitt in aviators, below. Again, trying to get the eyes behind the shades!


Stand by for more adventures in Illustration, coming soon to a screen near you!

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