Beer Barrel Illustration

Beer Barrel Illustration

A little while ago, I found myself sketching quite a few images, trying to capture the ideal beer barrel illustration for my client. I was contacted by Jared Richardson, who was heading up a design shop called Fahrenheit 212º, in New York. He called on me because he was doing a labeling re-design for the Barrel Brewing Company. He commissioned me for one logo illustration, and a more illustrative woodcut-type image. I was sent this logo as a starting-point:

Barrel Illustraton Option 4

We went through an extended period of concept development. Barrel illustration is interesting in that one is dealing with a fairly simple and familiar form, with its inherently straightforward way of capturing and reflecting light. Here is a smattering of rough concepts that went back and forth between us…

Beer Barrel Sketches

In the end, the barrel logo turned out like this:

Finished Beer Barrel Illustration

Another version that I liked was not used. Here it is…

Another Beer Barrel Illustraton

The other, woodcut-style illustration was more fun… I like the way it turned out:

Cooper Illustration

A cold beer is always welcome, especially when the weather heats up.


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