Spot Illustrations | Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

Thumbs Up for a Legendary Spirit

These spot illustrations are basically black-and-white ink drawings with a dash of color added. I like the simplicity and directness of these images. The simple, elegant form works very well for sophisticated brands.

I once worked on an ad campaign for a New Jersey design firm headed up by Designer Karen Barrows. Over the years, Karen and I have worked together on behalf of the the makers of Johnnie Walker, the Scotch Whisky brand.

One assignment I worked on for the legendary distiller called for a bunch of images in the “how-to” category. These were perfect for spot illustration. Here is a series of images from the campaign to give you a good feel for how these illustrations lend themselves to this purpose.

Point Finger Spot Illustration

“Bartender… a Scotch, please.”

Bottle Push Spot Illustration

“Johnnie Walker, Sir?”

Johnny Walker Yes Please Spot Illustration

“Yes, please!”

“If I may, Sir…” (Your Man performs the ritual, as follows.)

Empty Glass Illustration

Neat Scotch Spot Illustration

Scotch Rocks Spot Illustration

Dropper Spot Illustration

Don’t forget to pay…

Hand/Dollars Illustration

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